Jeremy Saffer
Rocketown Owner To Fired Employee: You Cannot Wear A Shirt Supporting Same Sex-Marriage



Earlier today, news flooded out that en employee of Rocketown, a music venue in Nashville, TN, was fired for wearing a Hostage Calm “I Support Same-Sex Marriage” shirt to work. A write-up from the owner of the venue to the now-fired employee stating his “offenses” can now be seen below by clicking “Read More.”

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Ok first off… if anyone knows anything about Rocketown - you know that they literally ban bands FOR LIFE from playing there, and have for years. You are not allowed to sell offensive merch with violence or profanity on it. you are not allowed to use profanity at the venue as a fan or on stage, or you will be ejected. no alcohol is allowed on the premises or you will be ejected. not that I have a problem with no drinking, but it just goes along with their rules.

About 5 years ago rocketown became a huge…thing… when they started banning most of the metal and hardcore touring bands that would play the venue, so tours started routing to other venues to avoid it. because they would drive all night to the venue - set up - and be told “oh, you cant play here, your music is too evil for us, you cuss too much, you dont have jesus in your heart” - very accepting, as their religion teaches but none follow… - its a huge bum out for a band to waste money to get to a venue - NOT play - NOT get paid… its a huge waste of time for them, and their disappointed fans who, instead of seeing their favorite band, roll their eyes as they get handed fliers about abstinence and the lord and saviour jesus christ who will condemn you to hell if you dont love him. hahahaha.

sad to see rocketown still strives on ignorance after all these years, but i guess… who am i to say how these people should run the place they own? do what thou wilt oh kind and welcoming people of god… pfft.

Is anyone really surprised that a jesus-venue fired someone for wearing a shirt that supports something their archaic fictitious book doesnt believe in?

im not saying its fair… its absolutely not. but rather than working at a christian venue that holds those awful ideals… be glad youre done with that place and go work somewhere where the bible and ignorance are not going to interfere with your paycheck.

i wouldnt suggest chic-fil-a or the salvation army though.

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    Seriously bullshit… Like that’s actually illegal
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    Oh, here’s the story.
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    There’s a good chance I’m going to get blasted for this and maybe rightly so. However, RCKTWN being a Christian based...
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    And to think this was my favorite venue once. Disgusting. Gotta love the South…
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    Ok first off… if anyone knows anything about Rocketown - you know that they literally ban bands FOR LIFE from playing...
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