Jeremy Saffer

I am VERY excited to announce Devin Sola aka Ghost and I have teamed up to bring you the largest print series feature I’ve ever done.

There at 6 limited edition metallic 8x12 prints, and each one is hand signed by Ghost himself.

there are only 25 of each print, and they will go quickly.

The first 50 orders get a FREE bonus MINI PRINT of the close up shot. while supplies last.

get yours at

All 7 images were taken over the past 6 months during 3 different shoots in both my studio in Mass and in Los Angeles. These will go fast. get yours before they disappear.

It was SO awesome getting to work with Ghost outside of band shoots. Although band shoots are awesome, they can be very limiting in terms of time and what you can do. I was really pumped to work with such an incredible artist who can literally take any shape or form, and each is as incredible as different. a chameleon of darkness as it were. Theres a reason I call him disney and tim burtons long lost collaborative creation, a frankenstein of all things dark. This print series just shows a very very small slice of the looks and abilities of ghost. I expect you will see much more from us in the future… 

til then…

EDIT: please do not take and repost or edit single photos from this post. - please just reblog this one if you want to show it. thank you

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